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Daily Bulletin 19 October 2021

Daily Bulletin 18 October 2021 + COVID-19 update

Daily Bulletin 18 October

COVID Lockdown

Tasmania is entering a lockdown period from 15 October 2021 for three days in the Southern Region. School will remain open for students of permitted workers or those who are unable to be supervised or supported at home during this time.  

We will also be providing a letter to parents with more details relating to the lockdown.    

 More information on school arrangements can also be found on the Department website: 

 If you have any questions, please contact the Public Health Hotline 1800 671 738 or visit 


Dr Libby Robinson

Daily Bulletin 15 October

Daily Bulletin 14 October

Daily Bulletin 11 October

Grade 7 Immunisations

School Immunisation Program and COVID-19 vaccines

From 13 September 2021, 12-15 year olds are eligible for COVID-19 vaccination and some in certain priority groups may have already received a vaccine.
Please note:
  • It is recommended that there is at least seven (7) days
  • between receiving a COVID-19 vaccine and any other vaccine.
  • Council will be visiting Kingston High School on 12 October
  • 2021 to administer the final dose of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to Grade 7 students.
This means:
  • Your child will NOT be able to have a COVID-19 vaccine for seven (7) days after this date; or
  • If your child has had a COVID-19 vaccine within seven (7) days of this date they will not be able to have their HPV at school.
Council’s Immunisation Team will be asking all students if they have had another vaccine in the previous seven (7) days.
If you would like your child to have their HPV vaccine at another time, please call Council on 6211 8255 to book in to our after-hours clinic on 19 November 2021.

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